Marinos Family, Laval (Qc)

Our son was 9 months old when we started working with Marie-Pierre. We would rock him to sleep every night. He would wake up several times, sometimes taking turns rocking him for 1-2 hours, including a comfort feeding, and awake by 5:00 am. After consulting with Marie-Pierre, she provided us with a simple, easy to follow, 7 day sleep plan, specific to our needs. We immediately noticed a positive change in our son’s mood and play. As early as the second night, he slept through the night, and now falls asleep on his own. She also provided us with immediate feedback through her interactive sleep log, answering all our questions, which was very helpful, and motivating as first time parents. She was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her as a sleep consultant. Don’t wait and give yourselves the gift of sleep!

– Marinos Family, Laval, QC

Marilyne, Lorraine (Qc)

I loved working with Marie-Pierre. She took the time to really understand the situation in regards to my baby’s sleep. She proposed different intervention plans adapted to my values and explained the different possibilities. When we decided on the “plan of attack” “:) , she put me at ease and supported me during the difficult moments, always with encouraging words. We quickly realize that it is not just a job for Marie-Pierre, she really engages in the partnership, always ready to answer all our questions. My daughter’s sleep improved drastically and I know it is just the beginning because I now have the right tools to help her.

– Marilyne, Lorraine, QC

Véronique, Verdun (Qc)

She offered outstanding support and had great listening skills.

– Véronique, Verdun, QC

Marie-Pier, Laval (Qc)

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marie-Pierre Gosselin on my son’s sleep when he was 9 months old. Marie-Pierre was very professionnel from beginning to end. I felt at ease right from our first consultation: she knows a lot about children’s sleep. During the first consultation, she proposed three different methods, and we chose together which one would be best for our family. I never felt judged based on the choices that I made (co-sleeping, breastfeeding, not letting my child cry). Marie-Pierre really understood my limits and respected them throughout the process while also supporting me in the more difficult times. For a sleep plan that is adapted to your needs and limits, I recommend Marie-Pierre Gosselin.

– Marie-Pier, Laval, QC