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Don't lose sleep over it.

Why hire a child sleep consultant?

As parents are very well aware of, sleep deprivation can seriously affect our attention, concentration and memory. Reading and filtering all the information contained in sleep books and websites to develop a plan that will work with your family is a difficult task. At Mouton d’or, we offer you a personalized plan that clearly describe a step-by-step procedure on how to solve your child’s sleep problems. The follow-up and support from a sleep consultant that can answer all your questions during the implementation of that plan can also make all the difference when you are in doubt. Our plans help children to acquire healthy sleep habits that will help them for years to come.


We read all the books and received tons of advice about our child’s sleep, how is working with you any different?

Marie-Pierre Gosselin is certified by the Family Sleep Institute, a world-known program that incorporates both theoretical and practical training. This certification in combination with Marie-Pierre’s educational and research background in child development gives her a multidisciplinary and scientific knowledge base on which to build her sleep interventions. Her personal experiences also make her aware that each family situation is unique, and she is dedicated to work with you to find the best solutions possible.


We’re interested in working with you to find a solution to our child’s sleep issues: how does it work?

Consult our list of packages and email us to schedule your 15-minute free evaluation phone call with Marie-Pierre. During this phone call, we will determine together which of our packages is best for you. When you have decided to on the package, you can purchase the package on our website. Once we have received your payment, we will send you an online evaluation form about your child’s sleep as well as the contract you will need to sign electronically. Once we have received your evaluation form and signed contract, we will send you the link to schedule your 60-minute consultation. You will receive your personalized sleep plan within 24-48 hours following your consultation. The first day of the plan is  also the first day of the support period based on your chosen package. 

Which package is best for me?

It depends on your child’s age, sleep habits, your family situation and how much support you need. In terms of choosing between a phone or a face-to-face consultation, some families prefer to meet the consultant in person. This is advantageous to evaluate your child’s sleep environment directly. Others prefer a phone consultation because they find it more practical. Consult our packages section where you will find a description of what each service offers and email us to schedule your 15-minute free evaluation with Marie-Pierre.


I can’t let my child cry alone. Are there any other methods that can help my child fall asleep?

Yes, of course. We work with different methods to help your child and your family sleep better. Some of them are more direct and others more progressive. Your consultation with a sleep consultant will help you choose which method is the most appropriate for you based on your needs, capacities and values. Please note that there is no existing technique that can  guarantee no crying but in these cases, the child’s cry is often a protest to change rather than a cry of distress.

Can Mouton d’or still help my child sleep if he is just a “bad sleeper?”

Parents of babies or children who don’t sleep through the night or who just don’t sleep well or enough think that their children are just horrible sleepers. In fact, research has shown that nearly all children require a similar number of consecutive hours of sleep, and these requirements change as the child develops. At Mouton d’or, we firmly believe that all children can become better sleepers, and that better sleep helps children develop to their full physical, emotional and intellectual potential.


Where do consultations take place?

Some consultations are conducted over the phone and others take place in your home. It is for you to decide what works best for you. See our list of packages to determine which one is best for you.


Does the sleep consultant need to meet with the child?

No, unless you feel it is necessary. Consultations take place with one or both parents.


What can we do if we as parents disagree on how to handle our child’s sleep issues?

Parents often disagree on what to do about their child’s sleep issues. Before your sleep consultant can develop a sleep plan for your child, it is essential for your child’s well-being  that parents agree on the steps involved in the process. When disagreements occur, we usually recommend an in-home consultation with both parents. 

We heard sleep training can be damaging for the child. Is this the same thing as sleep training?

The term “sleep training” has a bad reputation for multiple reasons including the misuse of it, contradictory messages, and the idea that it teaches children how to “behave”, and this, without any comforting. At Mouton d’or, we base our interventions on scientifically validated techniques while taking the child’s age and temperament in to consideration as well as the family’s needs and philosophy. In other words, we “train” or coach parents in helping their child sleep better.


Do you offer discounts for siblings of the same family?

We do not charge additional fees for twins or triplets. We also offer discounts for siblings of the same family. Contact us to know about these discounted rates.


More questions?

For any other questions or if you would like to schedule your 15-minute free phone evaluation with Marie-Pierre, e-mail us at