Welcome to Mouton d’or

Hello all! It is with great enthusiasm that I present Mouton d’or to you, my child sleep consultation service. Why Mouton (sheep)? Because a sheep is soft, gentle and comfy, and because this animal has been associated with sleep for centuries. Why Mouton d’or (gold sheep)? Because, while being a homophone of the word “dort” (sleep), l’or (gold) is also a symbol of excellence, just like the quality and attention I give to the families of children who have sleep issues.

Future parents and families with young children, have you ever heard or perhaps have spoken these words yourselves:

“My child is just not a good sleeper: it must be genetic.”

“It’s so difficult to plan our days because my baby girl is power-napping 30 minutes at a time throughout the day.”

“My baby woke up 11 times last night.”

“This morning, my child woke up at 4am to start his day: I was myself ready for a nap at 7:30am.”

“My child refuses to go to bed at night, and find 1001 ways to strecth his bedtime.”

“Our child refuses to nap in her own bed: she’ll only sleep on us or in the car seat.”

“Every time we put her to sleep, she wakes up like a ticking time bomb.”

“We have to rock my baby to sleep for hours for him to fall asleep.”

“ We tried everything to put our child to sleep but the only thing that works is bottle or breastfeeding.”

“She gets out of her bedroom every night and it’s impossible to get her to go back to sleep in her bed, so she often finishes her night stuck in between the two of us, and then no one gets a good night sleep.”

If you’ve every lived through one or more of these situations, then Mouton d’or can help you. Sleep problems in young children are very commun, affecting 20 to 30% of children. While many parents tell themselves that these problems will eventually get better with time, some research suggests that sleep problems should be addressed at an early age to avoid long-term outcomes such as cognitive, emotional and physical difficulties.

Parents sometimes hesitate to intervene to improve their child’s sleep because they fear the situation might get worse or they don’t know which method is more appropriate for their child. Regaining one’s sleep when we have young children should definitely be considered a milestone in our journey as parents, and this is why I decided to get my certification as a sleep consultant from the Family Sleep Institute. My own experience with my twin girls and my work with families of young children taught me that plenty of solutions exist to address children’s sleep issues but like all parents know, we are bombarded with contradictory data on how to act as “good” parents. It’s often difficult to figure out the validity of the information we receive and how we can adapt that information to our own family’s circumstances. Mouton d’or can help you choose the most effective method for your family based on your values, and your child’s age and temperament.

As parents, there are tons of things we can’t control for: having one or two (or three!) babies in one pregnancy, the date and process of delivery, giving birth to a curly baby or one who looks like Caillou, diaper leaks, projectile poop, baby’s wild laughter, little obsessions, meltdowns, favorite teddy bear. Your child’s overtiredness (and your own) doesn’t have to be added to the list of things you can’t control. It is definitely possible to take charge of your child’s sleep and improve it for the well-being of the entire family.

If your child has sleep difficulties, don’t hesitate to look at our list of packages and contact us for your free initial evaluation by phone.

In Mouton d’or’s blogue, I will talk (in french or english) about everything linked to children’s sleep, including sleep tips, recent scientific articles and other hot topics.

Looking forward to seeing you again future Moutons!