Marie-Pierre Gosselin, M.A. Psych


Marie-Pierre Gosselin is a certified child sleep consultant. She also received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in psychology, specializing in child development. As a mother of twins, she knows just how important sleep is for the child’s (and the family’s) optimal functioning. At mouton d’or, her mission is to help your little ones sleep better for the well-being of the whole family.


As a mother of twins, I understand just how difficult it is to manage exhaustion and be the best we can be. I felt as prepared as I could be to welcome our twins into the world but nothing could have prepared me for the effects of sleep deprivation. All I can remember from the early months (because poor memory is itself a consequence of sleep deprivation) was how tired we were as a family. In fact, we had made a rule that we were no longer allowed to say we were tired because it would become a competition of who was more tired between my husband and I. We still managed to bend the rule, and as a result came up with the longest possible list of synonyms to replace the word tired: exhausted, really need to sleep, sleep deprived, drained, etc.

Taking charge of my family’s sleep was an enpowering and life-changing experience, and I want to share the gift of sleep with all families. With my background in child psychology and my training as a certified sleep consultant for babies and children from the Family Sleep Institute (FSI), I specialize in finding the most effective methods to solve sleep problems in children and babies based on each family’s needs. Given my experience and continued interest in scientific research, I am also dedicated in helping families understand why the sleep problem exists, and how to establish strong and long-lasting sleep habits.

With the right technique and application, I strongly believe that even the “bad sleepers” can become sleep rockstars. I work with families with a variety of sleep problems such as frequent night wakings, nap difficulties, difficult transitions, scheduling issues. I also offer workshops for new or expectant parents, daycares, schools, businesses, professionals, mommy groups who want  specific or general information about children’s sleep. 


Degrees and education

Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute, 2016
Basics of lactation management nursing, Lactation Education Resources, 2016
Reducing the risk of SIDS in early childhood education and child care, American Association of Pediatrics, 2016
M.A. Psychology, Concordia University
College instructor, Psychology departement, Dawson College